MobiDev Monthly Roundup: August 2018

August 30, 2018 125 Views
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MobiDev Monthly Roundup: August 2018

Let's see what we've got for you this August! First of all, there's a new video demo showcasing the capabilities of remote assistance via shared augmented reality and WebRTC. Second, a new page where you will learn all about our expertise in data science and machine learning. Third, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to WebRTC, a real-time communication technology used in modern software products. Fourth, there's a post about digital transformation of energy businesses.

As usual, let's start with the upcoming conferences that we are going to attend.

LA's largest startup event that gathers together tech people,
investors, press, and entrepreneurs

The most comprehensive and longest-running event
dedicated to the business and industrial applications for wearables

Meet us at EWTS 2018!

October 8-12 • Austin, TX

We'll be glad to see you there and have a productive conversation. Please feel free to contact us, and we'll schedule a meeting at your convenience.

Data Science & Machine Learning in your software product

Data Science & Machine Learning consulting and development services

Over the past few years, Data Science and Machine Learning have grown into viable innovations on the modern software market. Data is used to generate actionable insights for business. In turn, this gives an opportunity to predict and improve sales, increase customer retention and enhance targeting, boost security, and generally make your software product smarter.

A comprehensive overview of our Data Science development services and expertise is now available on a single page. Read more >>>

All you need to know about WebRTC

WebRTC development for your business

WebRTC provides API-based real-time communication between web browsers and mobile applications, including transmissions of audio, video, and data. Eliminating the need for native plugins and app installations, it makes these connections user-friendly and supported by all the major browsers and mobile operating systems.

The adoption of WebRTC in the tech community has grown dramatically in the past few years. One of the spheres where it has already proved useful is the Internet of Things. Read more >>>

Video demo: remote assistance

via shared Augmented Reality and WebRTC

Watch our new video demo that combines two tech innovations in a viable use case: peer-to-peer remote assistance, where two participants can communicate in real time via WebRTC and interact by means of digital images within shared Augmented Reality.

By the way, we are launching a streak of video demos that will be available on our official YouTube channel. There, you can also find our expert video blog, which covers different aspects of software development, as well as video testimonials from our clients.

Energy 4.0: digital transformation

in energy & utilities industry

Technology delivers value to energy business

The energy sector has been a major adopter of tech innovation for years. After automation of processes and replacement of paperwork comes the next step – reinvention of business models, interaction and engagement of customers. Read more >>>

Our contributions to the Upwork and TechDay blogs

GDPR compliant software developmentHow to Bring Software Projects into Compliance with GDPR

On May 25, 2018, a new data privacy regulation went into effect in Europe called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation was enacted to protect the data privacy of citizens of the European Union... Read more >>>

AR trends7 Key Trends In Augmented Reality For 2018-2020

The Apple WWDC and Augmented World Expo were two events that indicated the direction of augmented reality technology trends for 2018. Both showed us the present state of AR technology and where it's likely to go in the next couple of years... Read more >>>

MobiDev at SUP-X 2018

This year's SUP-X was a one-day event, which gathered startups, established companies, service providers, tech innovators, and investors under the same roof. The opportunities of Blockchain development was the major highlight, with Augmented Reality being the close runner-up.

MobiDev team

A few words from...

Andrew Makarov, Head of Mobile Development at MobiDevAndrew Makarov, Head of Mobile Development

"I'm happy to live in the 21st century, when tech innovation allows to make childhood's dreams and visionary ideas come true. Among good examples are Augmented and Virtual Reality, which will undoubtedly take the lead in a number of market spheres. Our new remote assistance demo shows just one of many viable use cases, with ARCore and WebRTC put to practice. As you know, a good combination of technologies can become greater than the sum of its parts.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and suggestions!"

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