Demo: NativeScript App With Custom Animations

June 26, 2018 273 Views
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Demo: NativeScript App With Custom Animations

Today we have a nice surprise for you – a demo of an app based on NativeScript, which is currently considered one of the most promising technologies for cross-platform development. And it works quite differently from others. Your app will not run in a WebView, like it goes with PhoneGap. Unlike ReactNative, your app will not use plugins to access native features. Basically, NativeScript offers direct access to native functionality via JavaScript without a single line of native code.

What else is so good about it? First of all, NativeScript works with native UI views and provides native-like performance, so much appreciated by users. It allows to create high-end animations, which go so far as to include custom morphing animations. NativeScript apps are as close to native ones as it gets, and the functional capabilities are comparable as well.

Here are a few things about this particular demo that can be implemented in your own application.

• App launch time can be reduced to 2 seconds.

• NativeScript animations run at 60 frames per second. We are able to offload long-running processes to maintain high front-end speed.

• Full screen is the modern standard for immersive experiences.

• It is possible to create smooth animations of list elements.

• Custom animations can be placed over native elements as tabs.

• Almost all elements can be animated to enhance interactivity.

Enough of words, let the video speak.

It is worth noting that NativeScript is rapidly advancing, and we master every new feature that appears with every latest version. As for this particular demo (based on version 3.4), it's only a small part of what we can implement in your own project with continuously improving technologies. The rest depends on your business goals and functionality of your product.

That said, feel free to contact us and ask any questions — our response will not keep you waiting!

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