5 Useful Tips For Young Mobile Startups

June 27, 2014 629 Views
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5 Useful Tips For Young Mobile Startups

Young mobile app startups need all the useful and relevant advice they can get. Not only can experienced business people share the knowledge - a software development company that has lasting business relationships with successful startups can do just the same. Our project managers named 5 basic tips for future startup owners, and for everyone who aspires to succeed with a mobile app.

Lay Out Your Startup On Business Model Canvas

This is what business people naturally do, and a unique idea will take more time to be developed into something tangible, viable, something that will have definite value for future users. This canvas is basically a template where the startup owner lays out the product, dividing it into certain phases and fills in the information about the product.

This gives the picture of the product, and how the startup will generally function. You can figure out your target audience, ways of monetization, and the value of the product, in order to accentuate it during marketing campaigns. Improper planning can make a truly great idea a flop in the end. The canvas will be also one of the useful things to provide your developers with - they will understand the essence of the product they will be building faster and better. Better understood - better done.

Get Skilled Developers From The Beginning

The advice generally given to startup owners is getting a skilled developer to guide the implementation of the software product. We fully agree here, because any product's success hugely depends on those who create it: a senior developer or a developer with good expertise in the subject area. This also helps avoid making and correcting mistakes. Not that there will be no problems or mistakes - but the most obvious ones, the biggest issues will be excluded. Get the best to do their best.

Be Agile And Create A Minimum Viable Product

Stagnation kills startups. The sooner the product is rolled out on the market, the better. Everything is changing, and you need to go with the flow in a correct way. This means you need to be agile. New platform versions, new APIs, changes in hardware and its capacities, screen resolutions and new design trends, the diversity of devices, let alone the constant changes in the business world - agile development is the way that suits here best.

Building a minimum viable product in the shortest time will allow to gather feedback from users as soon as possible. Surely your product will have further versions - and you can have it ready on time with a good agile team.

Give Your Time To The Team

If you want a great product, you have to be ready to answer a ton of questions that will be asked by your developers and your project manager. A startup founder always works closely with the team, tracks the progress, knows the latest advances in development. This communication hugely helps improve and push the product further so that you'll receive the product you wanted, and your users will receive a product they'll be glad to use.

Consider Several Developers

Although the budget limitations or any other factors can prompt you to hire one developer to steadily build your product, experience shows that it isn't a great way to start, especially for relatively large projects. Nobody wants to drag time, and the market wants it the least. Averagely larger projects get 3-4 developers at one, which helps to accelerate the work process and meet the deadlines. Many startups win by this. They roll out the product and gain competitive advantage, if the idea is unique and promising. They also avoid risks of having to change requirements dictated by the mobile market.

We hope you'll find these suggestions useful in your further fruitful collaboration with a software company. What are other pieces of advice you would give to those who are yet to have the experience of leading a young mobile startup to success?

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