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Offshore Software Development Company In Ukraine

Why Ukraine?

When it comes to Europe, Ukraine is the best possible nearshore location for outsourcing. Western values and mentality of people, West-oriented government policies allow to make long-term business relationships with the US and EU countries. Reduced infrastructure costs and low tax rates improve conditions for outsourcing. The country has remarkable growth in custom software development industry and engineering. Companies in the US and Western Europe are well-established importers of Ukrainian offshore software development services.

Being an outsourcing software development company is a part of our efficient long-term strategy. We value quality of our products. Thus we chose this country for offshore software development company. Best practices by Ukrainian developers proved to be a firm support for our center.

MobiDev employs professional workforce for offshore application development to reveal and apply their full potential in creating mobile apps and websites for you. Competitive prices make our services a cost-efficient solution to your business problems.

Basic facts about Ukraine

  • the largest European country;
  • located in Eastern Europe, has a firm strategic position between Europe and Asia;
  • time zone: EET (UTC+2); summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3);
  • population: approx. 45 million;
  • no-visa entrance for EU and US citizens;
  • travel: 1-3 hour flight from major European cities;
  • climate: mostly temperate continental. Subtropical Mediterranean climate is prevalent in the south of the Crimean Peninsula. Average monthly temperature in winter ranges from -8° to 2° C (17.6° to 35.6° F), while summer average temperatures are 17° to 25° C (62.6° to 77° F);
  • workforce: 23 million. The leading spheres are industry and construction (32%); agriculture and forestry (24%); culture, education, and healthcare (17%); and transport and communication (7%);
  • literacy: 98%; about 70% of the population have secondary or higher education;
  • although not a EU member, Ukraine signed the Free Trade Agreement;
  • member of World Trade Organization since 2008.

IT and outsourcing in Ukraine

  • Ukraine is one of top 10 countries with the most qualified and highly certified IT specialists; a country with prominent scientific legacy;
  • Kiev and Kharkiv have always been the foremost scientific, cultural, industrial, and educational centers, with nearly 60% of universities having graduates with Physics, Maths, and Programming majors;
  • 1% of the world population = 6% of the world's highly educated professionals in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Programming, and other technical spheres.
  • over 20,000 people are into ITO & BPO;
  • outsourcing occupies 75% of the software development industry;
  • numerous highly educated specialists in foreign languages, predominantly English; also German, French, and Spanish;
  • according to Elance, Ukrainian developers occupy 3rd place in revenues worldwide, surpassing Russia, Belarus, and Poland, taken together.

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