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Windows Phone 8 Review

November 22, 2012 10 View
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Windows Phone 8's innovations have been highlighted as directed at business and communication. A single ecosystem uniting smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs - that is what the approach is about. As well as having every function, essential in communication, in one device. Windows 8 and its smartphone counterpart easily and safely unite into a single infrastructure to interact in the world of mobile enterprise. The important integrated functions are as follows:

Microsoft Office's latest mobile version is supported by Office Hub and SkyDrive for cloud storage. Office Hub stores notes and Office documents in one place. Users can view, edit, comment and send Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents back to cloud storage. The information can be sent by e-mail without leaving the app. Enterprises can also create their own Company Hub, which allows IT administrators to deploy custom applications without using Windows Phone Store and without any external intervention. Therefore Windows Phone 8 provides secure and controlled access to business data.

Another feature is NFC wireless sharing over short distances. It is designed as a convenient and safe office solution. What is more, this technology has the potential to make a smartphone a safe payment means and an electronic key.

A communication system called Lync enables employees to keep in touch via instant messaging, video- and voice communication, conferences and data transmission.

Windows Phone 8 supports UEFI secure boot protocol. It enables only verified software so that devices are better protected from malware. BitLocker technology protects data files via automatic encrypting. Such function as app sandboxing prevents malware from accessing information and avoids data leaks. In general Windows Phone 8 aims at protecting the intellectual property of the enterprise.

But the first impression a user will get is Modern Style User Interface. It is quite different from other platforms UIs and consists of customized Live Tiles. These make up links to applications and features. Windows Phone 8 introduces background multitasking, which used to be limited to bundled apps.

'Here' service (formerly 'Nokia Maps') is integrated for 180 countries, and can be stored and viewed off-line.

Windows Phone 8 has been presented as a viable enterprise platform for software development in business management. Integration with Windows 8, high data security and supporting features make Windows Phone 8 the basis for creating new key solutions for your enterprise.

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