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Trends In Mobile App Development

February 02, 2013 26 View
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Mobile Trends

It's been quite a long time since smartphones and tablets went into our lives. Especially in terms of mobile industry, where one month can predetermine a change. Having started with personal use, mobile devices trod their way to business and commerce purposes. Mobile application development became a significant sector of the economy, and evolved several acute trends that are most likely to enter 2013 with new expectations and engagements.

Business Applications

Mobile consumers tend to schedule and solve daily activities for personal convenience. Businesses wielded the same tactics. Not only for the use within the staff - specific applications for communication with customers are also a part of this trend, and will be. Good reception of the app brings good attitude and interest towards the offered products and services. This depends on the qualities assessed by end users. The better you see their priorities, the more successful you become. Comfort, functional attributes and UI style will always help the app be recognized.

Mobile Payments

Online payments evolved into mobile payments. A device as a wallet with all its benefits - credit cards, passes, coupons, tickets, and more cards inside. The trend has a crossing with the previous one. Businesses tend to provide their apps with means of mobile payments. That's another trend sure to remain, while the technologies suitable for the purpose will develop. Such companies as PayPal or Google Wallet, embraced mobile payments quite a long time ago.

Game Industry

A long-standing trend that steadily looks into the future. Evolution of platforms and devices brings evolution of entertainment. Educational games have a high share of favor. It's an interest and a tendency that will never cease. Integration of advertising makes another way of gaining profit on one hand, and promotion on the other. A catchy and colorful shell can win a number of devotees. What's more, people constantly embrace new and better games. The one who gives them such games, will get a bigger share.

Social Networking

Social networks continue to appear and advance in gathering more and more users. For a brand that's a great means of raising interest and promotion. Social networking integration is an omnipresent trend that will always be sought after. Fast authorization simplifies the process of sharing. Reviews and comments by the logged-in users tend to win more trust.

More ideas become reality and more environments change. What's important is that these trends can be applied to various branches of businesses and activities. They are lasting and will be enhanced by the constantly emerging and improving technologies.

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