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10 Effective Ways To Promote A Mobile App

April 23, 2013 391 View
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Now that your mobile application has been developed and tested, it has a wonderful user interface and perfectly runs its features, it is almost ready for submittal to the corresponding application store. Here begins the stage of promotion - most likely you have already thought about promotion strategy. Now is the time to start implementing it. Your first-class software product has to reach the audience it's designed and made for. And if one thinks that it's easier to promote an app than develop it - that person may be wrong. A ready and great app is only a half of the way. Let's outline the most effective ways to make it successful.

1) The app must be ready for submission. When is it ready? It must have a certain minimum of accompanying data. Here's the checklist that will increase chances for your app to be downloaded:

• A thought-out laconic title of the application;

• An icon with a simple and catchy design, that has to outshine its competitors;

• Create an informative yet laconic description (better in several languages to cover a wider audience);

• Choose the screenshots that might attract users to install and try the application;

• You will also need relevant keywords to associate with the app.

Oh, and choose to launch the app at the weekend.

2) Leave space for feedback - encourage users to write reviews and rate the app. User reviews are considered one of the most unbiased sources of information about the application. High rating undoubtedly attracts users, and may become the ultimate incentive to download the application.

3) In case of a paid application, it should have a free lite-version. It allows users to get acquainted with the app; and if they become interested, they will have an incentive to get a full version.

4) Apart from rating, include social network sharing into the application. Those who liked your app, can provide an effective recommendation for their friends.

5) Social network pages are also good at promoting the app. Find relevant groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, use hashtags on Twitter. Use cross-promotion (including internal cross-promotion from other apps you own). Share the news through your friends.

6) Create an app trailer. Create a demo video. Place them on YouTube.

7) What also matters is maintaining the interest - that makes the app go on. You should regularly offer something new to users. These are vital updates, fixes, new functions - provide the support. Also it's effective to offer bonuses, prizes, any kinds of rewards, conduct contests etc. We can also include price reductions (or free distribution) for a certain amount of time - that's a great way to attract users.

8) Build a supporting website for the application. Now the main information about your app is accessible via search engines and browsers. Include a link to the application store.

9) Advertising and promotion. There are a thousand and one good websites that can help you make the app known. Ad networks/PR websites, social bookmarking websites, app review websites, related forums, social media, thematic blogs, and more, and more. Write press releases about the app and submit them around the web, participate in discussions and react to the feedback.

10) At mutual will, you may have your application included in the developer's portfolio. That's a win-win - you both are additionally promoted. Developers gain a new work of art to exhibit, review and promote through their channels. That's a good way for your application to become open to more users.

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