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10 Apps For Windows Phone

December 18, 2012 25 View
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Microsoft makes preparations for Christmas by further opportunities of its mobile offspring. Windows Phone 8 is attractively shown as a great choice for users and software developers. There might be a number of sources claiming that Microsoft isn't likely to grow a competitive mobile popularity, especially in comparison with Apple and Google. But that's an arguable statement. Yes, it's behind the leaders so far. But it encourages developers and has already spread its application store in 191 countries. Here is a review of 10 applications to show that Windows Phone keeps shape. Take a look at what can be found in its application store. Maybe some of these will inspire you on the ideas of your own.

1) Fruit Ninja

Perhaps the most famous mobile game concerning fruit or ninjas. Colorful and catching - a recipe for a successful game.

2) Epicurious

The famous cookery website launched a mobile cookbook of more than 30,000 recipes. The user navigates through recipes by prominent gurus and talented home cooks. It's easy to find one that fits the cooking skills and tastes, and check the shopping list. Favorites can be shared via e-mail. ''The cook's companion'' is always in the pocket.

3) Wonder Reader

Perhaps the king among RSS readers. The user can manage the account, search and follow favorite blogs, news feed and magazines. These can be shared on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Live) by sending links as QR codes. The minimalist-styled app allows to adjust the settings for even better convenience.

4) Gravity Guy

An action game featuring rich graphics, simple gameplay and multiplayer mode. And of course, a tutorial for beginners.

5) QR Code Reader

Scan a QR barcode by just directing the camera of your device. Simple as it can be.

6) AppSwitch

The ones who switched to Windows Phone have an easy way of finding analogues of their favorite Android or iOS apps. Surfing the application store is not a necessary procedure now.

7) Yelp

A mobile reflection of the service that allows to find the nearest cafes, bars or restaurants. You can look through the reviews displayed in real-time to make a decision. Simple interface and each necessary function in its place - everything a good application would offer.

8) Account Tracker

An application that helps to keep track of various accounts and perform financial transactions. Any related info can be easily added, viewed, updated or deleted. Simple and efficient.

9) WhatsApp

A cross-platform application that allows to send unlimited messages, images, audio and video files over 3G or Wi-Fi. This service is free during the first year of use ($0.99/year after). Group chat and no text limit included.

10) Xbox SmartGlass

SmartGlass allows to fully get the experience and entertainment of Xbox 360 console. Easy navigation allows to browse the Internet and enjoy the abundance of music, video, and games. This app requires Xbox membership. The user can sign in, edit the profile, and message with other Xbox users.

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