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April 17

How do you make your app look and feel special from a user's perspective? What are the general user-defined characteristics of a great, convenient app, that doesn't take much time in the process of use? Let's take a brief look through the most important rules, which are relatively simple, but nevertheless get broken, as far as our observations go. Keep them in mind before, during, and after development of your app.

April 15

One of the main tasks of a leader, a founder of a business, a startup CEO, is to form a dream team that will be able to keep the whole startup up and running. No one can reach ambitious goals on their own. With the biggest share of responsibilities before the future team, investors, clients and/or consumers, a leader has to have someone to rely on. These people will communicate personally and discuss business problems. They will put forth propositions and make decisions, affect the corporate culture, and build the environment themselves. If we step aside from 'be inspiring, be an example, and have passion for what you do' advice, we'll figure out a number of more practical tips you should always keep in mind.

April 11

We would like to share this guest post by Dale Strickler, CEO at, Inc. Here he shares experience of bringing a mobile game project to life, searching for funds, and the importance of customer-oriented approach for young startups.

April 09

The diversity of Android devices keeps growing and growing, but it doesn't have to seem an unsolvable problem for app owners. For those who are only planning to launch development - if you don't make mistakes when choosing, you won't have to run the risks of redesigns, excessive fixes, or rebuilds owing to platform updates. At first sight this choice seems to be hell of a task, with the endless number of devices of virtually every size and shape. But if we take a further look, the picture will be a little clearer.

April 07

Based on the report contributed by MobiDev at CeBIT 2014 expo.

Where Can Multiplatform Development Be Applied?

If you are sure about devices and operating systems, which are used by your target audience, you don't have to encompass everyone. But if your business requires a huge audience with many device types, you should think how it will influence your business. Such apps may include:

- promotional apps - when a brand is integrated in the content of a useful or interesting app;

- entertainment apps - include all media, apps for presenting products and services, m-commerce;

- business apps for internal use - when a business starts considering mobile technologies as business advantages and an important direction for investments.

April 04

Take any three legendary songs of all time, equally renowned as immortal creations. While all three may be equally perfect musically and lyrically, there's a chance that you love one of them much more than other two. Or maybe you love two of them, because the third one, despite all the greatness, doesn't evoke any feelings within you. Same is with brands and customers.

April 01

We all use our smartphones for scheduling, socializing, reading news feeds, and similar conventional things. But we wondered: what are the unusual ways of using them? We came up with several ideas, and Quora offered a number of interesting actual suggestions. Today is a good day for sharing all of them. And how do YOU use your smartphone?

March 28

Freemium is a model of monetization that combines high possible revenues and no payment barrier between the user and the application. Free apps actually can make more money than paid ones. As long as an iOS app is free, interested people will have more motivation to try it. And if they like this application, they might have the further motivation to get premium features, additional content, in-game items, and whatever is hidden behind the veil of what's called an in-app purchase. Many software owners use it as the main way of monetizing, and not without a reason: on average in-app purchases account for more than 70% of revenues that software owners get from their products.

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